Hannah Donaldson

Director/ Registered Manager

Hummingbird Home Care Limited 

was established in May 2017 by 

founder Hannah Donaldson

My own personal experience of care is for my son who has Autism and Complex Health needs. My outlook has changed and has opened my eyes to what is perceived as good care and not so good care. It has given me the determination to set up my own personalised high quality care service, also making a major difference it the quality of care provided.

I have worked in the social care industry my entire career and mainly focused on complex care needs. I’ve been lucky to have worked for many great organisations and companies as a care manager receiving high quality training.

I have a post graduate degree in Integrative psychotherapy and hold a Level 5 management qualification in health and social care. Having developed my skills through training and experience I believe I have come to a place where I am now able to open my own care company.

This will enable me to fulfill my vision of empowering people to live at home, also being supported by support workers that are well trained and valued, in using the principles of independence, dignity and choice. I’ve also had to learn to allow others to help support us to care for our son, so he is able to live an independent fulfilled life.

I found this one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, entrust my sons vulnerability and complex needs to someone else. However it is all about trust, we would rather not have support than inferior support that we can’t trust and rely on. We want him to receive support being treated as an individual with dignity and respect and fully involved in all his decision making.

We’re providing a service to adults over the age of 18 with a varied range of disabilities and complex care needs. We are experienced in supporting people with physical disabilities, complex health needs, learning disabilities, Autism and also Dementia.

If we haven’t got the specialised training that’s required to support an individual and we feel we can meet your needs, then we would work closely with the relevant health professionals to source the training in order to support you. We believe that the label of a persons disability or health condition isn’t the main importance.

It’s knowing how you wish to be supported and gaining more skills or knowledge in your needs. With this in mind we do not exclude disabilities or conditions deemed too complex to support in the home. If we assess your needs and feel we can support you safely we will provide you with a service. We’re able to build a care package around each clients individual personal needs. The minimum support we provide is half an hour visits, as long as this has been assessed as safe.

It is best practice we feel to provide hour visits, giving the client and support worker time to safely deliver the support and social interaction to make the experience positive and safe.

The support worker is matched to suit the client, we aim to provide a small consistent team of support workers to each client. We do our best for the client to choose the times they wish there visits to be. We do not work in time frames for example, if we agree for an 8 am visit, that doesn’t mean between 8-10 am. It will mean the support worker will arrive on time at 8am and stay the entire agreed length of time.

The aim being simple, for the client to feel comfortable and safe with their support workers, having confidence that they will be reliable and carryout the tasks agreed in the care plan, to enjoy spending time with the support workers.